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Club Car 101: Identifying Your Club Car Golf Cart Model and Year

Posted by Dan Taylor on

Club Car 101: Identifying Your Club Car Model and Year

When buying golf cart parts and accessories, one of the most important things to know is what make, model and year your golf cart is. Body types and built-in components vary from model to model and sometimes even from year to year. Take the Club Car Precedent, for example. The first few years of the Precedent model the golf carts were pre-wired for the installation of golf cart lights and light kits. Midway through 2008 the configuration changed and Precedent carts made from 2008.5 and on require a light kit harness in order to add an LED light kit or halogen light kit.

Here at Just Golf Carts we frequently get calls and emails from customers who want to purchase tune-up kitscarburetorsrear seatssteering wheel adapterswindshieldslight kitsseat covers and other must-have accessories for their Club Car, EZGO or Yamaha golf cart but they don’t know what year golf cart they have. In some cases, customers aren’t even aware of what make or model their golf cart is.

If you’re one of these golf cart owners, don’t worry – you are not alone. Here at Just Golf Carts we are happy to help our customers identify their carts, but we thought it might be helpful to have information here on our website that will take the guesswork out of identifying the right golf cart parts and golf cart accessories for your golf cart. And don’t worry – you can always call us at 877-902-2787 (M-F), email us anytime, use our website’s Contact Form, or chat with a helpful agent.

This week we’ll tackle the Club Car line of golf carts (look for posts on EZGO and Yamaha carts in the coming weeks), which represent some of the most popular and long-lasting golf carts on the market.

Club Car History

Founded in Texas in the late 1950s, Club Car relocated to Augusta, GA after being purchased by Bill Stevens in 1962. The company still resides in Augusta today and Stevens helped put the Club Car name on the map by driving to the 1962 PGA Show in Dunedin, FL in one of the company’s carts. He and son Bill, Jr. made the trip in six days, stopping to charge the cart along the way.

In 1978 the company was purchased by a group of EZGO executives, including EZGO co-founder William Dolan. With the introduction of the Club Car DS the company gains a foothold in the golf cart industry as the vehicle becomes a mainstay at golf courses worldwide.

Ingersoll Rand acquired Club Car in 1995 and eventually merged with Bobcat in order to produce utility vehicles along with golf carts. While the company no longer produces the DS model, they continue to innovate with models like the Club Car Precedent, Club Car Onward and Club Car Tempo pointing the way toward the future of golf carts.

The most common Club Car golf carts out on the market fall into three categories: the Club Car DS “Old Style” made between 1979 and 2000.5; the Club Car DS “New Style” made between 2000.5 and 2013; and, the Club Car Precedent which hit the streets in 2004 and is still in production today. Each of these carts is easy to identify visually and we’ll also provide some tips on how to nail down the model year or figure out if you have a different model Club Car.

Club Car DS “Old Style” and “New Style”

The Club Car DS “Old Style” (1979-1999) remains popular even today and can be easily identified by a few characteristics. First, the DS “Old Style” features individual front backrests for the driver and passenger. Second, the original DS models feature a rubber coated pipe as arm rests/hip restraints. Third, the plastic roof is held up by silver roof supports (aka “top struts”) and the roof itself does not feature a handle.

As for the serial number on the Club Car DS “Old Style”, it is usually located just under the passenger side glove box. Club Car serial numbers are simple to decipher, starting with an alpha code that identifies the model (for instance, AG = DS Gas Golf Car) while the first two numbers after the alpha code indicate the model year (AG92 = 1992 DS Gas).

The introduction of the Club Car DS “New Style” midway through 2000 brought with it some upgrades in the look and comfort of the vehicle. First, the front seat backrest was changed to a bench style seat back that runs the width of the cart. Second, the hip restraints were upgraded to molded plastic triangular shaped arm rests. Third, the roof supports (or top struts) were changed to black and the molded plastic roof features handles.

The Club Car DS “New Style” serial number is usually found on a sticker located behind the accelerator pedal mounted to the frame. As with the older Club Car DS, the serial number code follows the same pattern. The alpha code identifies the model (AQ = DS Electric IQ 48 Volt Regen) and the first two numbers indicate the year of manufacture (AQ02 = 2002 DS Electric IQ 48 Volt Regen).

Here are some popular Club Car DS prefix codes:

  • A = DS Electric Golf Car
  • AA = DS Electric Golf Car, 48 Volts
  • AB = DS Electric Golf Car, 36 Volts
  • AC = DS Electric Golf Cart, 48 Volts with Regen Braking System
  • AG = DS Gas Golf Car
  • AQ = DS Electric Golf Car, IQ System 48 Volt with Regen Braking System
  • DS = DS Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt Power Drive Series
  • HA = DS Electric Golf, 36 Volts

If you have questions about your Club Car DS golf cart please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (877-902-2787 M-F), emailContact Form or our website’s chat feature.

Club Car Precedent

Introduced in 2004 after years of exhaustive research, the Club Car Precedent quickly set the standard for golf cart style and comfort and sparked new advancements from the company’s main competitors, EZGO and Yamaha.

The Precedent moved away from the squared off design of the DS (named for designer Dom Saporito) and debuted a rounded front cowl with wraparound bumper while the front seats retained the bench style backrest that was introduced with the Club Car DS New Style. Another innovation with the Precedent was the introduction of molded plastic rear roof supports for water drainage.

The serial number sticker for the Precedent can be found on a sticker inside the passenger side glove compartment or just under the passenger side glove compartment on the kick panel. Like other Club Car golf carts, the Club Car Precedent follows the same format with the alpha code starting the serial number (for instance, PQ = Precedent Pro Electric IQ 48 Volt) with a model year number code (04 = 2004).

One important distinction with some Club Car Precedent golf cart parts and accessories is determining if your cart is a 2004 to 2008.5 model or a 2008.5 and newer model. This is especially important when selecting certain upgrades and accessories like custom dashes or light kits. In order to determine your Club Car Precedent model year, locate the Tow/Run switch under the front seat. If your switch is in the center of the batteries it is a 2004-2008.5 model. A 2008.5 and newer Club Car Precedent can be identified by a Tow/Run switch at the rear of the battery bucket.

As you look through our website or catalog you will notice that many Club Car Precedent parts and accessories such as windshields, lift kits, custom dashes, roof racks and floor mats crossover with newer personal vehicle models like the Club Car Tempo and Club Car Onward.

If you have questions about parts and accessories for your Club Car Precedent, Club Car Onward or Club Car Tempo please contact us by phone (877-902-2787 M-F), emailContact Form or our website’s chat feature.

Club Car XRT, Club Car Turf, Club Car Carryall and Club Car Villager

While the Club Car DS and Club Car Precedent represent a large portion of the Club Car vehicles that we deal with here at Just Golf Carts, those are by no means the only Club Car vehicles on the road.

The Club Car XRT Personal Utility Vehicles were introduced around 2007 and include such models as the XRT 800 and 850, 4x4s like the XRT 1550 and 1550 SE and low speed vehicles (or LSVs) like the Villager line. 

Hospitals, college campuses, golf courses and manufacturing facilities are frequently populated by Turf/Carryall vehicles while multi-passenger Villager carts are popular with resort destinations, hotels and convention centers.

XRT models are frequently identified by the following prefixes: RX, RY, SH, SX, XG and XU.

Turf/Carryall model prefixes include: E, EA, EG, F, FA, FD, FG, H, HD, JV, PG, QT, R, RG and VG.

Village models often sport such prefixes as FQ, K, KG, M, MG, QS and T.

Club Car Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

Are you ready to shop for the latest must have accessories for your Club Car DS Club Car Precedent? Maybe you need replacement seat covers or want to show your team pride with some custom seat covers. Or your cart could just be in need of a much-needed tune-up. Stop by our Club Car Parts and Accessories page for a category-by-category breakdown of all the golf cart parts and accessories you’ll need to keep your Club Car golf cart running – and looking – its best.

Need more info about any golf cart parts and accessories for Club Car, EZGO or Yamaha golf carts? Please contact us by phone (877-902-2787 M-F), email, Contact Form or our website’s chat feature and be sure to order a copy of our free Golf Cart Catalog, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for exclusive discounts and offers.

DS New and Carryall photos courtesy of Club Car, LLC.

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